There are many ways to search tasks in deftask.


lorem: Tasks containing the term lorem

"lorem ipsum": Tasks containing the phrase lorem ipsum

Open, Closed, Unread Tasks

is:open: All open tasks

is:closed: All closed tasks

is:unread: All unread tasks

is:watching: All watched tasks


created:"2018-01-01": Tasks created on 2018-01-01

created:>"2018-01-01": Tasks created after 2018-01-01

created:>="2018-01-01": Tasks created on or after 2018-01-01

updated:"2018-01-01": Tasks updated on 2018-01-01

closed:"2018-01-01": Tasks closed on 2018-01-01

created:today: Tasks created today

created:>"two weeks ago": Tasks created between today and two weeks ago.


label:bug: Tasks labeled bug

label:"multi word label": Tasks labeled with multi word label

All label searches are case insensitive.


creator:john: Tasks created by john

assignee:john: Tasks assigned to john

commenter:john: Tasks in which john has commented

To disambiguate between users with the same first name, you can use the full name instead.

creator:"john doe": Tasks created by "john doe"

involves:john: Tasks created by, updated by, commented on or assigned to john.

All name searches are case insensitive.

Combining search terms

By default multiple search terms are combined using the AND operator. However, you can also use OR and NOT.

lorem ipsum: Tasks containing the terms lorem and ipsum

lorem OR ipsum: Tasks containing either lorem or ipsum

NOT lorem: Tasks not containing the term lorem

label:bug label:production: Tasks labeled with bug and production

label:bug OR label:production: Tasks labeled with either bug or production

lorem label:bug: Tasks containing lorem and also labeled bug

NOT label:bug: Tasks that are not labeled bug

NOT (lorem OR ipsum): Tasks not containing either lorem or ipsum

(label:bug AND label:production) OR created:2018-11-27: Tasks having both the given labels or created on the givne date.